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v i b r a n t  monotones

vibrant monotones.
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translation of Japanese lyrics to English.

Welcome to masqueradelie.
vibrant monotones is a project that the two of us have wanted to run for quite some time now. As fans of bands like GARNET CROW and CHEMISTRY, we have found it difficult to find proper lyrics of their songs, much less the translations. As such, we wanted to help fans of these kind of bands, as well as introduce others to them.

The people behind the masks.
For now there's the two of us, camomile_dreams and autocadere. We are currently still learning Japanese, which kind of makes us effectively trilingual (well there's English, and also Chinese). Bear in mind that as we are still students, translations may not be 100% correct but are interpreted to the best of our knowledge and also with the help from seniors.

Anything else?
This community is still new and improving, so do offer us your guidance!

All translations found in masqueradelie and thewhite_roses are the intellectual property of sono_kiseki, camomile_dreams and autocadere. They are not to be taken out of the community for redistribution. Translations to another language is allowed but please do drop any of us a message saying so.

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